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Tel: 604.222.1047

Fax: 604.222.1074


Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm


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4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC  V6T 2A3

Shipping Address

6095 Nurseries Road
Vancouver, BC  V6T 2A3

All Media Inquiries

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TRIUMF Strategic Communications Office

E-mail:  communications@ ucw88 da ga

Phone: 604.222.7356


Director's Office

DirectorJonathan Baggerdirector@ ucw88 da ga
Deputy DirectorReiner Kruecken

reiner.kruecken@ ucw88 da ga

Executive AssistantErin Madill

emadill@ ucw88 da ga



Division Contacts

Accelerator DivisionOliver Kesteracceldiv@ ucw88 da ga
Engineering DivisionRemy Dawsonengineering@ ucw88 da ga
Environmental Health & SafetyAnne Trudelatrudel@ ucw88 da ga
Life Sciences DivisionPaul Schaffernumeddivision@ ucw88 da ga
Physical Sciences DivisionJens Dillingsciencediv@ ucw88 da ga
Quality Management SystemsPatricia Baqueropbaquero@ ucw88 da ga

Administrative Services

AdministrationJim Hanlonadmindiv@ ucw88 da ga
Communications, Media Relations, and OutreachLisa Lambertlisa@ ucw88 da ga
ConferencesJana Thomsonconferences@ ucw88 da ga
External RelationsSean Leeseanlee@ ucw88 da ga
FinanceHenry Chenfinance@ ucw88 da ga
Human ResourcesMaxine McKaymmckay@ ucw88 da ga
LogisticsTed Schenkeveldted@ ucw88 da ga
ProcurementKai-Mei Chukaimei@ ucw88 da ga
Student ProgramsDana Giassonstudent@ ucw88 da ga
Tours discoverourlab@ ucw88 da ga
Visitor ServicesJill Seeleyvisitorsoffice@ ucw88 da ga
Website webmaster@ ucw88 da ga